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Marcadis Singer PA are debt collection attorneys representing creditors across the state of Florida.  We appreciate that you have chosen to spend a few moments speaking to your experience with our firm.  It is our goal to serve our clients with respect and professionalism, and to reach the optimal outcome, in a minimum amount of time.

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  • I'm an attorney and this is the most unprofessional law firm I have every tried to work with. In 8 years of practicing consumer and collection law, I have NEVER had a harder time trying to get in touch with someone - especially when trying to PAY. This statement includes every creditor firm and collection company I have ever dealt with in my entire career. If you have hired them to collect, and you aren't receiving any money, this could be why! I gave one star because you cannot give zero stars and still post a review.

    Leeann T. Avatar
    Leeann T.

    Gil Singer is a very experienced and highly respected attorney in Central Florida. I have worked with him for over 10 years and he always figures out the fastest and least expensive way to solve my issue. Gil is very creative and thinks outside the box to solve problems. He never wastes my time and is enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Gil Singer as one of Tampa’s finest attorneys.

    Harold O. Avatar
    Harold O.

    This group is a joke. Trying to get information and someone who did not even identify himself hung up the phone on me. They clearly give law firms that are reputable a bad name. Good luck on getting ahold of them-- took me almost 45 minutes to get to a person

    John A. Avatar
    John A.

    These guys buy up debt with Atlantic finance and sue you for the full amount of the debt owed to credit cards. They pay pennies on the dollar and are bottom feeders. If they get a judgement against you fight it because the banks do not give them your contract and you never signed a contract with them so fight it and get it thrown out. Your credit is already ruined and the debt is sold to these guys.

    michael r. Avatar
    michael r.

    When your largest client declares bankruptcy Gil Singer & Ralph Marcadis have done a wonderful job for us. We pay our contractors before we get paid by our clients, creating a manageable cash flow squeeze, manageable until one of your largest clients stops paying! Call Them, They are Great

    Cynthia P. Avatar
    Cynthia P.

    AWESOME experience! Gil was able to take on a case we needed done right and fast. He and his team including Dawn, went to work and negotiated a deal we were happy to get. They got it done quickly for us as they said they would. Communication was awesome and it's nice to work with a firm that does EXACTLY what they say they will.

    Ty C. Avatar
    Ty C.

    These guys are scamers- Suing without any paperwork is something they will say does not happen . They did it to me- A company that I never had a loan with . They send over the paperwork and we ask for proof . They cant- My lawyer will get it dismissed but these guys are simply the latest in a round of crooks - BEWARE- Oh and I know they will not reply that they have ethics- They have nothing They lose because most people dont fight

    Maurice R. Avatar
    Maurice R.

    They are the most unprofessional group of people, they call your family members and make threats to sue them for debts that are owed years ago. personally I have been unemployed and they took my unemployment money out of my account.which is how I have been able to survive. And only got approved for unemployment because of Covid. Now I have zero money to survive, still no job. I called my bank and was told they took all the money I had which was $300.00. How can they do that? why dont they go after people that are rich, why the poor people who can not afford lawyers or even to pay bills half the time. They are the reason I have decided to kill myself. because i can not live like this not more.

    Scorpio 3. Avatar
    Scorpio 3.
  • Lip Service!

    Yeng Y. Avatar
    Yeng Y.

    When one of your larger clients doesn't pay contractors fees for an entire team and that team is on OUR payroll, there's only one law firm in Florida to call. Thanks Gil!

    Cynthia P. Avatar
    Cynthia P.

    Many thanks to Marcadis Singer, PA for their cooperation and partnership with our debt collection agency.

    Mark L. Avatar
    Mark L.

    It's not often we do business in the states, however, a South Florida developer took advantage of some capital we invested, and then got caught up in litigation. It was a bit a gordian knot until Marcadis Singer got involved, and were able to retrieve most of what we had advanced. Thank You l, and regards to Amy. She's a bit of a bruiser, and knows how to get her way!

    Jens J. Avatar
    Jens J.

    When one of your larger clients doesn't pay contractors fees for an entire team and that team is on OUR payroll, there's only one law firm in Florida to call. Thanks Gil!

    Cynthia P. Avatar
    Cynthia P.

    Scammers they buy old debts from 20 years ago and then garnish wages. No letters no phone call nothing. Biggest scam I have ever seen. They are so rude and won't evn talk tocyou with respect. SCAMMEDS

    Abby L. Avatar
    Abby L.

    This company is a rip off. Thieves! I was on payment arrangements for $50/month & they got a court order to remove $2232 out of my account! How can this be legal? I JUST made a payment for $100. On March 12& March 19th they removed $2232 out of my account! No e-mail, no call .. NOTHING! You are better off NOT paying .

    jacinta B. Avatar
    jacinta B.

    My firm, Legal Action Bureau, has been partnered with Gil and his firm for a while now. All of our communication with their team has been professional, comprehensive and pleasant. Most importantly, they provide results for our clients. Gil has instilled compassion into his firm and team, regarding their clients. We highly recommend Gil and his firm.

    Blake A. Avatar
    Blake A.

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